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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  October 12, 2009 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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parents are urged to get their children vaccinated. >> it affects children less than five and pregnant women more than it does elderly adults. >> as parents wait for the vaccination to become available, dr. asher b. advises keeping your children at home if they have a fever. wash their hands frequently and cover when sneezing and get a seasonal vaccine. between 20% and 30% of the children who have died from h1n1 have been otherwise healthy. montgomery will have some vaccine available as of wednesday. if you need it to the minute details for maryland, d.c., or virginia, had two or website, >> so far, this year, doctors say that more than 75 children have died of the swine flu in the u.s.. they say that it is important to note that the the swine flu
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vaccine and the seasonal vaccine or two different things. you and your family need to get both of them to be fully protected. >> friends and family are seeing good bye to a soldier who was killed in a firefight in afghanistan. >> the family has been overwhelmed by the of pouring of support for the 21-year-old army specialists. he was brought home to a hero's welcome yesterday appeared more than 1000 people lined up to pay their respects as his body drove by. the close-knit community of percival came together to say goodbye to him one more time. for a small town that filled the streets, it is no surprise that the baptist church was packed with hundreds, morning stephan mace. >> the characteristics that made stephan mace a cure was that he
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was a dedicated soldier. he was loyal. he was committed to duty. he was taught to respect -- he was dedicated to honor and selfless service. >> he was with the team that he would defend strongly until the end. >> they try to repel a major taliban assault in next -- in afghanistan on october 3. >> he felt, in his own way, that he was defending the defenseless. despite the hardships that he knew he would face, stephan wanted to go back. he felt an unshakeable kinship and obligation to be with his friends. stephan was a soldier and that is what soldiers do. >> note -- those who knew stephan mace remember a son, a
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brother, and an all-american kid who loved sports and the outdoors. there remembered his piercing blue eyes and what many describe as his perfect smile. ask anyone about stephan and they will tell you that he would make you laugh. >> what i remember most about stephan was his bright smile. he had that look, when you looked at him, like he either just played a trick on you or you were about to just have one played by new. >> now there is another label forever added to this young man by a home town that loves him dearly, the label of a hero, gone, but not forgotten. >> his spirit will live on in every camp fire under these skies. >> since his death, the army has awarded stephan mace for ribbons of commendation and a bronze star for his courageous action for the day of the attack. >> the u.s. troops who survived
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the attack are now talking about what they went through and what happened when it was over. >> everyone came together. in the midst of it all, they were donating blood for the wounded that they had. they came together. >> in all, eight americans died in the battle. we will have much more from the memorial service tonight at 6:00 p.m. a 70-old man is in critical condition this evening following an apartment fire in northwest. it happened on the 2300 block of fourth place. they found smoke pouring out of the first floor. he was found unconscious in a hallway, suffering from severe smok inhalation because of the fire is still an -- severe smoke inhalation. the cause of that fire is still
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being investigated. two suspects held the woman and her three children at gunpoint as they searched the house and stole electronics. they ordered the victims into a bedroom as they drove off in a dark blue minivan or suv. a store clerk was shot while trying to protect his customers. the gunman is on the run. >> people in this neighborhood are calling clinton price jr. a good samaritan, a young storekeeper who was hospitalized tonight after being shot in the stomach because he refused to stay behind the safety last while one of his customers was being brutalized. this took place on saturday. he thought he could handle himself, but it did not work out this time. >> he slammed against the glass here. he got hit in the nose. his nose and blue (>> he knows what his son ran from the highly
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secure bulletproof glass the was -- secure bulletproof glass. >> he was 2 feet behind him. i looked at the individual. i was going backward and actually tripped. the individual was still looking at is. >> according to police, the shooter fled the store, hijacked in motors, and sped off in a stolen car until he ashed into a vehicle on 16th street and then fled on foot. >> i started getting terry! my husband told me. >> 1 customer remember the clinton junior -- i started getting teary eyed when my husband told me. >> one customer remembered clinton junior. >> he knows how to fight.
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>> he really knows how to fight. >> his parents visited him in the hospital today. >> he said, i would give this individual no mercy. >> the father said that his son could have beaten the man senseless. his only desire was to stop him and to get the woman to saty, which he did. the robber is still at large. clinton press, sr., he says that his son lost part of his liver, stomach, and goldwater. he is in constant pain, but he will pull through. -- and gallbladder. he is in constant pain, but he will pull through. >> prince george paused on a police are asking for your help to find a man whocusdy on satur. he was arrested after found sleeping in a stolen vehicle with a loaded weapon. he managed to free himself and
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was able to get away. if you have any information about the for about of maccormick, call the number on your screen. things should be back to normal for metro riders during tomorrow's rush hour. crews have been reducing rail switches again today. some riders can expect delays. some stations remain closed and there is no green line service. the closures began friday night and today and tomorrow morning. all of this is being done on a holiday honoring christopher columbus. there was a special ceremony in front of union station this morning. this year's tribute featured a replay of several speeches while marking the 90th annual celebration of his voyage to north america. old man winter is making an early appearance in much of the country, creating a chilling and sometimes dangerous condition.
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from the rockies to the midwest, it is a feeling more like february than mid-october. temperatures plunged. roads iced over. and snow fell, up to 17 inches in nebraska. they have cost more than 100 accidents in minnesota, one of which claimed a life. black ice caused trailers to turnover. >> multiple trucks jackknifing, sliding toward our crews. we had to peel away from the trucks are all times. >> in denver, crashes crowded roadways despite the warnings about the conditions. >> i tried to correct it and they cut back the the way. >> you cannot really see the accumulation on the roadway. it does not take very long before they hit a curve or a bridge or an overpass at the wrong speed and they lose
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control. >> record lows were reported and the blast of arctic air is expected to head to the northeast and the midwest. it should warm up slightly, but more cold weather is expected for the days ahead. >> there is no snow in our forecast, but some cooler air has arrived in washington. >> it will definitely not get the bitter cold like that. we will see lower temperatures move through your leader in the week. we have some cloud cover. every once in awhile, you see some hazy sunshine. it will be cloudy night. check out the temperatures. this will be the story. it should be around 70 degrees at this time of year. but we are in the low-50's. here's what we expect tonight in the forecast. we will hang on to mostly cloudy skies, a chilly temperatures in the low-to-mid-50's.
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then it'll changes later in the week. we will explain that coming up in a few minutes. >> coming up on abc7 news at 5:00 p.m., a secret clubs that neighbors did not even know about. it is being shut down. three people managed to survive for hours after their plane crashed into the ocean. >> he makes me feel like a better person. i feel good inside knowing that i am doing something. >> that local child is using her i am doing something. >> that local child is using her
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>> it is columbus day, which means that they opt for school for many kids. but one local 12-year-old picked up her guitar in order to help one neighbor. >> this is an extraordinary thing, to give up a precious day off from school to go into washington, d.c. from loudoun county, which takes a big
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effort. that was what one friend did for a special girl. >> the 12- -- the 12-year-old from looashburn comes to sing. taylor is fighting a deadly form of cancer. she sings to give her a positive thoughts. >> she makes me feel like a better person. it makes me feel good inside knowing that i am doing something. >> some donate money for medical bills. but abbey and her friends are asking for something they call love notes to keep taylor's spirits up. the donations go for the physical costs, but, to get better fully, you have to get better mentally as well. >> i just told her that i hope
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that her good days were more frequent than her bad days. >> taylor loves her love notes and so does her mother. >> as grueling medical treatments continue for taylor, abbey says she will go on to use her voice and her heart to help. ♪ >> abby has written a song especially for taylor. she says that it is the lee she can do for that little girl. >> there is a bright future for both of them. a small airplane pilot, his daughter and wife are telling the story of how they survived an airplane crash. they contacted air-traffic control to let them know that there were going down.
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the airplanes landed to the gulf of mexico. they open the cabin door and climbed up onto the wing. >> it was black, a total darkness. it was like a needle in a haystack. >> 12 hours later, suffering from dehydration and jellyfish stings, the coast guard made the rescue and all three are now recovering. >> what an amazing story. >> can you imagine that? >> we have been lucky with this weather, have we not? >> today is kind of chile, but tomorrow will be even better. -- to this kind of chilly, but tomorrow will be even better. let's start with a rooftop look at weather conditions here in arlington. every now and then, there is a little sunshine trying to get through, but there are mostly cloudy skies.
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that is what we will continue to see for the rest of the evening. it is 54 degrees right now on the campus of howard university. the average at this time of year is 69 degrees. it is only 52 degrees at state university. at centerville, the wind is calm. let's show you what we have on the map. usually, you think november for these numbers. these are very illy numbers. we do not think we will be dealing with that tonight. when you get a little farther south, there are milder temperatures. we should do pictures earlier in the news of the snow and ice and bitter cold. it is 36 degrees in minneapolis.
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jacksonville is at 91 degrees. back to the west, we have some clearing developing and that will come through tomorrow meanwhile, there is rain and a lot of it to the south. we are squeezed between two systems. there is rain to the south and clearing to the northwest. we have some high clouds overhead. we will see some sunshine tomorrow, and the clouds will stick to the south. the energy coming from the west and could cause a coastal storm. it only exists within computer models right now. the odds are that something will develop along the coast. if it develops in the right way, we could end up with some nasty weather, especially thursday into friday. we are looking for the next 48 hours.
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by wednesday, we will start with some sunshine and then we will start things probably organized along the coast. if that happens, we could end up having a pretty messy deal for late thursday and friday. we will have temperatures rarely to get out of the upper-40's. we have some early taste of nasty stuff coming down the road. as the week progresses, we will keep you apprised of what to expect. it will be milder to more was 63 degrees at midday. there will be increasing cloudiness on wednesday. by saturday, it will be cloudy and chilly. if this system develops the right way, we may not be able to get out of the 40's for thursday and friday. >> the mysterious circumstances
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surrounding an arctic explorers death and a swedish to the home of the head of the cia. >> if you were scanning these kids, how would you rate them beckham? -- how would you write them back? >> castle is on tonight at 10:00 p.m. that is on after an all new "testin"and dancing with the st" >> we have a warning about the breast cancer in men. doctors tell us what the eyes should be looking for. >> that is emitted from michael jackson that is being released l
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>> michael jackson may be gone, but his music will live on. >> a never-before release song was released this morning. a new album will be in stores in two weeks. ♪ ♪ here i stand ♪ i am the light of the world
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>> this is the tour that michael jackson was rehearsing for when he died. >> there is a whole huge fan base that is primed to buy this. >> it is just the beginning of a michael jackson merchandising blitz. the sun will be followed by a two-disc album, eight work, and the movie. >> that is my upbringing. that is a moonwalk. that is michael. ♪ this is thriller >> this is the michael jackson that people remember. those memories are worth millions. >> unfortunately, michael jackson was much -- michael jackson is worth much more dead than alive. >> his estate is flush, likely
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to earn millions and millions for decades to come. >> he is the equivalent in this century of what elvis was in the last century. >> elvis was living mostly on royalties when he died. jackson, too, is making a comeback, just not the way he had planned. it will be no surprise if this new song shoes to the top of the charts. it could be the first of many. there are vaults full of the unreleased michael jackson material. >> coming up at 5:00 p.m., there was a mysterious deaths of two people and spiritual retreat. >> few people in this neighborhood know that the building behind me is a 6 club. tonight, they know about it and
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they wantthe
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>> a mysterious death led to a shocking discovery for some district residents. a sex club has been working in their local neighborhood for two decades. we have new information about the future of that club. >> many in this neighborhood
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were surprised to find out that the white building behind me as a sex club that it's very busy in the early morning hours. you can see that it is closed now and there is a move underway in the city to keep it closed permanently. few people in this neighborhood paid much attention to the neglected white building. >> i honestly did not notice much. >> suddenly, it is the subject of curiosity and scorn. a 47-year-o man died in the basement of what some longtime residents now know it to beat a sex club. >> i told them that it was a skit -- that it was a sex club. they had no idea. they had been there since the 1970's. >> the man arrived early in the morning. something happened and he injured his head and slump on the floor. his injury, which police deemed an apparent accident, proved fatal. >> someone died here. >> neighbors called on the city
5:31 pm
to shut it down after the man's death. >> it lacks necessary licensing, zoning, and permits. >> while the police say that they're moving to shut the club permanently, some residents wonder if they will accomplish its goal. they think the club will move to a new location. >> you can find anything in an urban area in a building, like sex. >> when i told the organizer that there is a move to close this club primarily, he says he believes that is a good idea. >> and 81-year-old man was killed this weekend after he was hit by a truck. he was walking headstall in arlington on saturday night -- he was walking his dog in arlington on saturday night.
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baker went over an embankment and struck him. he later died -- he went over an embankment and struck him. he later died at the hospital. the complex provides affordable housing for the elderly and disabled, a woman and trying to climb from her balcony to another when she died. neighboring montgomery county has had a 35% drop of the number of deadly crashes since the camera program began there. chevy chase village police chief wants to use revenue from the speed cameras to give the department a boost. he wants to spend $35 in speed camera revenue for tasers for
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his team. a health expert is being investigated in the death of two people in his what lodge. -- in his sweat lodge. >> he held a four-day retreat at the center in arizona. people sit for hours in sauna- like conditions. they called it a sweat lodge ceremony, which occurred in this tent in sedona, ariz.. it went terribly wrong. emergency crews were called to the tent when 21 peole taking part in the ceremony sidley fell ill. two people eventually died. her family says that she was in very good health. >> we do not know what happened inside the tent. we know that something went horribly wrong. we need to get some answers.
5:34 pm
>> brown and about 60 others paid $10,000 to take part in this sweat lodge ceremony, a practice and that physical and spiritual cleansing with roots in the native american culture. they huddled around steaming rocks with temperatures inside the tent that thought well over 100 degrees. those who practiced the ceremony say that, if not done correctly, it can be dangerous. >> that causes toxic fumes. that is why we do not use plastic and are lodging. >> james ray, who conducted the ceremony, has refused to speak to police. no charges have been filed yet. >> it will be several weeks before they determine if anyone will be charged. james ray has not personally apologize to any of the victims or their families, but he has offered his condolences on twitter. >> it is time now for a check on the traffic situation.
5:35 pm
>> the are some issues out there, despite the federal holiday. as you can see, across the woodrow wilson bridge, there is a jam. three lanes are jam to get out of the wilson bridge. six vehicles are involved in that. it just -- they just reopen it. for some time, lanes were blocked. [unintelligible] as we head out to a couple of other cameras, we have a very slow ride on the belt way out of bethesda. the toll road is gone, but the damage is done.
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northbound to 70, it is -- northbound on june 7, in a lighter than normal overall. -- northbound on two hundred 72r than no more aloverall -- is lighter than normal overall. >> we have the warning signs to look out for breast cancer in men. crush a new book that tells the stories behind some odd encounters. stories behind some odd encounters. it's critical that i stick to my medication. i cannot be one of the 61 million americans who do not refill their prescriptions on time. readyfill at cvs pharmacy
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tj maxx. let us make a maxxinista out of you! >> hollywood is 2,600 miles away from washington? >> we have a look at hollywood on the potomac. >> that is a phrase you hear here a lot. the intersection of show biz and politics have created some highly unusual encounters.
5:40 pm
there is a new book paying tribute to what we call hollywood on the potomac. do you remember the time that feliz showed up at the courthouse? you can read it now in the labor of love by jason made. >> he showed up and said, yes, i am all this and i would like to see the president. he wanted to be named a federal marshal at large. they not only made the appointment. nixon called the bureau himself and asked them to send over a badge. >> hollywood and politics have mixed since mark twain days. >> these cities are completely in love with each other. >> us to these photographs come from national archives. some look strange. some make you smile. some have great importance. the macy oakbrook's -- they may see oakbrook'oprah's endorsement
5:41 pm
year's election. >> that is the world live in and it is not all bad. he sought coverage of michael jackson's visit to the white house back in the 1980's . the picture of elvis with richard nixon is the most requested picture in the archives. >> coming up, we have rare good news about air fares, why you may be paying less to fly out this holiday season. >> it is tender in that area. we have a look that warning >> it is tender in that area. we have a look that warning ning
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i'm creigh deeds, candidate for governor, and my campaign sponsored this ad. bob mcdonnell says he's from fairfax county... but that was before he attended pat robertson's law school and served on its board... before he wrote that "working women are detrimental to the family." before he introduced 35 bills restricting a woman's choice.
5:44 pm
and before he voted against equal pay for women. so no matter what mcdonnell claims, all signs say he's not from around here...anymore. >> we have a warning for men about a disease usually associated with women, breast cancer. one man speaks out about being a
5:45 pm
survivor. from an early age, he knew the devastating toll that breast cancer can take on a family. his mother died when he was a teenager. years later, tragedy would strike again. >> later on, when i met my wife, we moved back to minnesota and we had r son. within a year after that, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. she died when he was 4 years old. >> he moved back home to raise a young son and fell in love again. life was good. he noticed something of the ordinary. >> i was tendered in that area. >> a trip to the doctor confirmed what he already suspected. he had breast cancer and would need a mastectomy. >> with some men, you can see it in their mind, breast cancer.
5:46 pm
can a man get breast cancer? they do not know. >> they often do not know what to look for. >> there is no recommendation how to screen men for breast cancer. it is really based on what you can say self exams or self awareness. >> he says that men should get checked if they find a mass in the area, pain in the area, or have nipple discharge. >> take care of yourself first. >> he hopes that his story will be a wake-up man, who like him, they can make up the ranks of cancer survivors. >> it usually occurs in men between 60 years old and 70 years old. >> we have a warning about domestic abuse. a new study finds that abused women suffer from more health problems than not abused women. there are also more likely to
5:47 pm
suffer from acid reflux, back pain, headache, where menstrual disorders. they're likely to be diagnosed with substance abuse, likely to be clinically depressed, and can have as td's. experts say that right now is the perfect time to read up your immune system. it is recommended that you eat right foods, protein, such as fish and chicken, and vegetables. moderate exercise to boost the immune system and a good night's sleep can help you keep healthy any time of the year. another airline surcharge decline and airline tickets are going down. fliers may pick to 16% fewer than last year.
5:48 pm
travel experts advise flexibility and keeping an eye on fair fluctuation that will probably provide the best deals. the falling price of oil is also helping you pay less at the pump. the average price of regular gasoline has dropped 4.5 cents. cheyenne, wyoming has the lowest price at two $16 cents for a gallon of regular -- $2.16 for a gallon of regular. >> let's see what is coming up next. >> tonight at 6:00 p.m., we have reaction from a community that has come together for a fallen hero. the senate nears a vote on health care. those stories and more are coming up at 6:00 p.m. >> thank you.
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it sounds like the weather could be a mixed bag by the end of the week. >> it does. let's find at what is in store for us for the rest of the evening, at least. >> we are starting to see some breaks in the overcast. let's go to our rooftop camera here in arlington. you can see some blue sky and clearing trying to make it through the area. it may not stay all night, but we will get a little sunshine before the sun goes down in about 45 minutes. we will show you something different. there is a lot of cloudiness to the southeast and arraigned even further southeast in the carolinas. as that moves out, tomorrow can turn into a very comfortable day. lower-50's in frederick. it is 53 degrees in an jessup.
5:50 pm
as we head to the next 24 hours a night will be partly cloudy skies that will turn sunday through the day and will be milder tomorrow. highs are expected in the upper- 60's. keep our eye on the possibility of a coastal storm developing late wednesday and into thursday. if it does, it will get mighty chilly, might be windy, and mighty stormy in. >> we are also reeling from sunday. >> what did you say earlier? >> there are no words. i am out of words. >> yesterday, the skins loosed another witless ballclub. he did -- the skins lose to another winless ballclub.
5:51 pm
>> i feel bad. i am hurting. ereck team is as well. perhaps some of the -- our team is as well. >> we have to go out there and play better. >> the redskins are at a loss after a loss yesterday. >> i think the guys have to get excited about playing thisame again. when we are on the field, i do not see the celebration of the things we used to do. if you do not love playing this game, they knew were in the wrong sport. >> this loss only turns up the hea >> i do not have a lot of time devoted to worrying about my job status. >> the players say that they support the coach. >> we're all in this together. we are a family. you do not turn on your family. you do not do that. i am not turning on my guys.
5:52 pm
we are in this together. we're going to ride this thing all the way up until the fat lady sings. i am the capt.. i'll do my part. -- i am the captain. i will do my part. >> thmost emotional story in the nfl this weekend was the bengals' game when a defensive coordinator lost his wife this past thursday night. she was 50 years old. after the game, the team gave the game ball to him. >> win or lose, she was proud of you. >> if that does not get to, i do not know what will. >> that puts things into perspective. >> that is life. >> thank you. >> up next, see what travelers
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>> thank you. >> up next, see what travelers could be forced to pay
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>> we know how it is to fly these days. on some airlines, you have to pay for your fellow. everything has a cost. >> there could be one more for people arriving in the united states. are you kidding? >> international travel to the u.s. is down. but what if there was a way for capitol hill to recoup some of those costs? in other words, will come to the u.s.. now pay up. they come to america to see the sights, do business, and visit family. that could soon come with a fee, a $10 charge for travelers just for showing up in the u.s.. >> i never had to pay to visit a
5:57 pm
country. >> there are too many fees. >> when it all of these people pay more? ever since 9/11 and tougher restrictions, international arrivals are way down. in ordero lure more tourists, congress wants to use that money and start a nonprofit agency to market the u.s. as an attractive destination. >> more people may come. >> ricky yamamoto says that, in japan, university such ads like the ones that other countries produce. she says that it is not a bad idea. >> [unintelligible] >> propents say the advertisement could bring another 1.4 6 million travelers each year. since they all must spend $5,000 per trip, it could create 40,000 u.s. jobs. but there is a risk. >> i do not want to see any other country do that to me.
5:58 pm
>> that is exactly what some say will happen. >> absolutely. >> any traveler who typically has to pay for a visa to get into the country would not have to pay for the $10 fee. those who do, they would only pay once for two years, depending on how much they travel. it is expected to pass in the senate by the end of the year. >> that is pointed to it for abc7 news at 5:00 p.m. coming up at 6:00 p.m. ♪ a community gathered to honor a local hero killed in the line of duty. washington -- crucial point -- washington and reaches a crucial point. -- washington reaches a crucial point.
5:59 pm
>> family, friends, and strangers came together today to remember a local man killed in the work in afghanistan. >> stephen mace was one of the soldiers killed by a taliban assault nine days ago. we have more on today's funeral and a small virginia community's big response. >> more than 1000 people lined the area. many people did not even know the 21-year-old. today was his funeral. his family and friends were there and show was a much louder community to honor him for his service in sacrifice. karen bill never met stephan mace, but her son is in the mil


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